You answered. What you describe about Medium is the fact that it is a miniature of the society, as every gathering of people. And this doesn't matter. What matters is how you experience the experience of being a member of this microcosm.

And each of us is also a microcosm, a miniature of the society. We have the seed of all these behaviors, and each of us chooses which to feed and which to leave.

You write that you don't regret being a member, because you met wonderful individuals. That's what you gain and of course, as always, you also pay a price; there is a cost. You also see behaviors that you don't like and you may have had some interactions that you don't like. But, obviously in the "scale" of your criteria, the "profit" of this is more valuable than the "cost". So, you choose not to ..."commit suicide".

In the same way, M finds the internal benefits of being with Anthi more valuable than the "ugliness" he sees in this world. So, he rejects the option of suicide.

The unforeseen events shouldn't be a surprise to us humans; the unpredictable is the only sure thing about the "future".

Another "cycle" closes, then. The helix continues to be drawn.

Thank you, too, Patrick.

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