West has this tense to search for “new” in the same way as “what’s gonna be in fashion now? What is fashionable to wear this season?”. So, like clothes. Surface. The “image”. “What is cool right now? To have a psychologist. Ok, let’s do it”. “What’s cool right now? Yoga. Ok, let’s do it”, etc. The majority takes something that seems “flashy” and just adopts it, without digging.

Without digging in ourselves, everything is misinterpreted. “don’t judge" becomes “don’t use your critical thinking”, the law of attraction becomes “I can have anything just by siting and thinking about it” and the great means of the constructing visualization becomes a superficial game. Because this way, it is not accompanied by diving in ourselves, self-observing, facing hard truths, taking responsibility, and working.

So, yes, with the mentality you describe, we just compress things, covering them, instead of bringing them up into the light, “palpating" them, observing them, explaining, understanding our personalities first (so that we can move to its absorbing by its upper counterpart, Self). If we refuse to see clearly, directly the “previous self”, how we will move on to the metamorphosis of it? It will be a distorted metamorphosis. Superficial and not real.

I believe that we can’t control anything in the external world. Only what the events will cause inside us, if we let them. By controlling the inner, the outer will be changed because it is a projection of the inner. But, of course, having an inner axis impenetrable and independent by the external conditions needs hard work. It needs the going towards the hurricane, dealing with it, to find the freedom that stands there, “after" it.

Society has all the things we have inside. Good and bad. Beauty and ugliness, war and peace, etc. The only way to contribute to its metamorphosis, is by doing ours. And this can’t happen by faking.

I totally agree with you.

This is a great and courageous piece!

Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am. Born and living in Greece (in both Ancient and modern…)

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