To me, spirit and matter are the two edges of the same line. Matter, material part of us, etc. is spirit “at its lowest degree”. I see this proportionally in many things.

So, they are united/Connected, and that’s why the purpose isn’t to “kill” our material part, but to lift it up to its upper counterpart.

That’s why, for example, when it comes to money or cars, houses, belongings, the thing isn’t to deny them completely, but to have such a “degree” of spirit that we will be able to understand how many of them we really need, not to identify these as ourselves, etc.

So, our behaviour is — from my viewpoint for now — a reflection of where each of us stands on that line.

Do I behave as 80% matter and 20% spirit? Or is it 50-50, or… how much?

For example, instincts are not bad by themselves. They become dirty by the mind. But as the “person” widens the range of perception reaching more levels of consciousness, the mind also goes closer to the …other edge, where the spirit can handle the instincts, and the person doesn’t get them dirty/isn’t dragged by them.

We have the wisdom of nature enclosed, but what we manifest in the physical world depends on the degree in which we have worked for the material part to be absorbed by the spiritual.

Just a few thoughts I wanted to express about this interesting thought of yours.

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