There's nothing to forgive, Patrick! It is your opinion. To me, exchanging ideas, exposing viewpoints, doing what we do right now through these comments, isn't a game, or a battle, etc in which somebody has to lose and the other to win. To me, we both lose, if we see it this way. The point isn't to name one of us the winner, but to take -if we manage- the topic of the conversation one step forward.

About the comment: Zeus, God, or any other name given to the divine by humanity is One(in my opinion). When I say "God", I don't mean the God of any specific religion, and I don't think that God is an external entity. The divine/wise substance, the Noesis,... is within every living creature.

I strongly believe in Science, and I also believe in that Universal noetic substance (not just because I have read about it). Everything that has been proven by Science is obvious, it is visible. Everything that people who reached wider levels of consciousness have bequeathed through stories/art/poems/mythology etc, had become "visible", too! What they experienced wasn't tangible or mathematically proven, but it was present, and it made them do things equally effective as those proven rationally and mathematically. We are talking about centuries of experiences like these. The results were -and are- totally real.

So, as a "fan" of Pythagoras, I believe we need both the science and the "non-visible" powers.

It's not a war. It is like the things I said about our conversation. It is like Western and Eastern Mentalities about explaining the world, life, etc. If we tried to combine their philosophies, instead of trying to highlight one of the two as "the winner", I believe we would have more answers.

That's my viewpoint, based on both scientific data and non-scientific experiences.

Thank you very much for being straight with me!

Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

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