The measure of life is its beauties, not its length” (Plutarch)

If somebody ignores the beauties of life, sees it as unbearable. And many people do, because if they believe they can deal with every challenge of life, they’ll lose the convenient expectation of an external savior. And they’ll have to take full responsibility of themselves. Difficult task…

Eros makes life unbearable when it’s based just on the heart and the fearfull expectation of (self-)affirmation through another person. But when the mind is really widened, present, and in cooperation with the heart, Eros itself is the means of realizing life’s high purpose. And it is then (when no one needs external affirmation for their value) that humans love without possessiveness, and they really connect.

So, as A and M use both heart and mind, they really can’t see a point in committing suicide.

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