The Black Box Inside You

Bring its data into the light. Otherwise, you‘re not free

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

After every plane crash, the search for the black box is a priority. The authorities will find all the flight data recorded there. The information it contains is what will shed light on the case. So, something black will give light…

Whether we are piloting an airplane or (we think we are piloting) our lives, we all have a “black box” inside us. It is the unconscious or the subconscious (depending on which theory each one embraces). Essentially, both include recordings, such as those of the black box of a plane.

All the things we could not interpret in our childhood, everything we misinterpreted, all those things that were distorted or misunderstood because that was the best each of us could do depending on the “means” we had back then, is there. And it affects us today. It lurks. It becomes the “filter” through which we automatically and unconsciously penetrate the information and stimuli we receive. It affects our actions and reactions, making us illiberal.

To clarify the case of a plane crash, the person in charge needs to listen to the information recorded in that box, to study it, to combine it, to take it into account, to observe, and finally, to conclude and do something with these conclusions. The person in charge of illuminating the black box of the unconscious — each one their own box — needs to face directly, responsibly and with courage the information that exists there and similarly, to combine, to take into account, to observe, to study, to conclude, to act, to utilize the findings. And so, humans will understand — when ready to do so — their own internal conflicts that may not cause a plane crash, but they cause the crash of their freedom; the one that they had when they came into this world, but they buried while walking afterward.

Paraphrasing slightly the words of C.P. Cavafy,

Like someone long prepared, someone brave, like someone worthy of such a liberty, reveal that liberty of yours again.

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Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

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