Some of the Ancients who “have to stay in the past” put the pillars of science. Evolution isn’t about “cancelling” the previous steps. Some of those civilizations did things the “how to” of which cannot be explained even with today’s means and technology. Respecting them and acknowledging the FACT that today’s steps are connected with what was previously conquered, doesn’t mean we don’t move on.

Declaring the knowing of the truth is a very heavy statement. Objective truth can be seen only when every fear, expectation, desire for self-affirmation etc. are absent. And since none of us is fully liberated from these things, we can only speak about our truth, not The Truth.

( none of us is, because those who conquer that, don’t speak. They don’t declare they know the truth. They don’t have the need to say that)

Each of us will take the suitable responses on time. Competition has no meaning to me. I don’t need it to feel good or bad about myself.

If you think that the path of science+spirit (and not just science) is a pleasant fairy tale for people who can’t face cruel truths, I can assure you that it is not. At least, not from my personal experience. It’s full of unpleasant realizations that lead to more and more liberation. It’s something that needs guts. I don’t know about the no science-just spirit thing. But, then again, division and naming is just for the brain(Great organ, yes) to be helped to understand. The mind, and especially the expanded “version”, doesn’t need any of these to understand. It is the knowing itself.

Thank you for our interaction, Patrick. I respect you and your viewpoint. To me, the most useful discussions we 've make, are the ones like these, not the exchanging of good comments about our poems. Of course, these have also their value.

Take care!

Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

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