So, Patrick showed the data to Athena. He believes only in provable things that can be explained by mathematics, etc. And in parallel, he accepts as natural the unexplained thing that the woman in front of him was just sleeping for 2000 years. He either needs to explain this through scientific data, or admit that science hasn’t explained everything yet, though of course its great value is not to be disregarded.

Why is Patrick, the fictional character, OK with the fact that the fleshy woman in front of him was sleeping for 2000 years and just wake up?

No one has to prove to anyone what it’s been proven to him/her through their searching. The fact that someone has seen and reached levels of consciousness that are beyond society’s field, is not something that has to be proved to others. Who he believes only in scientific data, doesn’t need to apologise either.

They both have to prove to themselves

that what they know so far, makes them more efficient through life, if they utilized it, if they became able to impact circumstances/inner and outer conditions, if they conquered a more efficient relationship with the surrounding world, and other things like that.

No one can devalue the belief of others. No one is superior or inferior. Scientific data are being renewed and reviewed all the time. Science brings up data that refute its previous discoveries. And this is OK. This is how we make progress. Science is not so anti-spiritual as it seems. Saying that scientists who see science in a wider way are all not OK is just a pre-decided judgment, based on the fact that who says it is already ready to deny anything that doesn’t fit his/her way of thinking.

Those who deny the value and contribution of science, do the same.

So, to me, they both hasn’t “seen” yet that our core is one, that humanity’s black spots are still here because of the mentality of division and the desire for sovereignty over others.

Part 20, then! The story is flowing and draws its path. In Roman numerals, 20 is this: “XX” Two identical individuals united. They are still autonomous, but in a great cooperation to form a pair, a team. If only humans could do that… (Great transformations are being done, whenever humans do that).

: )

I enjoyed it.

Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

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