Oh yes! So, you know. You are aware of the pattern. You have the guts to be aware. This is not easy, Cris. Give that to yourself.

The fact that you know/ you are able to see what’s happening, goes simultaneously with the ability to handle it. You just search for the keys in the pockets of those people, though you have them in yours. But, give your self the time to realize that, because when I (Or any other person) tells you so, it’s just words. And I understand that. No one is more suitable than you to find the way out. And this is how it has to be. Anthi isn’t better than you. She doesn’t know better. She may just stand on a different point of the journey and can give you her viewpoint. It may suit you or not. You may use it or not. Freedom is above all.

What I’m sure about is that as long as you stay on the path of being aware of how you act and why, the answers and the action will come.

The interaction is meaningful for me, too. And thank you for that.

Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

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