Life's variety is what it is. Nature is what it is, too. And it is wonderful just for that, for "being" itself, for being, for existing, exposing its wisdom without struggling to be seen, without caring about how we see it. Because it has no expectations for titles and fans. And that's another reason why -to me- is wonderful.

Poetry is also what it is, and we shouldn't cut it into pieces and interpret it, but I do it now somehow! It is that human part in us that needs to manage what it realizes during the journey. And there's also the divine part, which we struggle to uncover, and it sees things as they are when we manage to coordinate with it, within divine-flash-moments.

To me, as I wrote in the snap-shot-poem to which you answer now, happiness is a lasting euphoria and eydaimonia I experience when I coordinate with "now" and I manage to stay "here" in consecutive "nows". Of course, that's how I see it as the Anthi I perceive I am now.

I am honored by your poem and for the time, energy, and warmth you put on it. It is wonderful, and it has a lot of "Anthi" inside. I receive that warmth and I thank you (and all your parts/narrators, etc.).

Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

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