In Greek there is the word απάθεια, which is apathy. And apathy has two sides, like everything. Its etymology is α( an “a” we use as “un-”) and πάθος (passion, very strong emotional thrust). So, apathy can be I don’t care, I don’t feel, I unconsciously choose not to have emotional thrust to do something about a situation, and also I consciously choose not to be directed by emotional thrust to do something about a situation.

To me, that second side of apathy is a great way of helping ourselves on this journey of widening, and also, a proof to ourselves about how far we ‘ve gone on this journey. Because when outside conditions, people, opinions, etc. still affect me so much that they “decide” my inner condition and where I’ll use my passion, I still have a lot of work (more than a lot). And it would mean that I haven’t really realized to my core that the ONLY thing I can do to contribute to the widening of the perception of humanity, is to work for my widening. It would mean that I still believe I need to persuade others, or change them. It would mean that I haven’t realized that passion without critical thinking is very often a disaster, because it kills clarity and thus, I don’t act efficiently.

That second side of apathy is often that motionlessly acting within for contributing to the purpose. It leads us to handlings that very often inspire others, if they are coordinated with these handlings of ours(but that’s a different thing than me believing I can “elevate” or change or “widen up” someone else). It is I feel, I understand you, I choose, I know. And I choose that without me boiling by anger on the inside(when, for example, we have different viewpoints).

That second kind of apathy is what I see in Jesus Crist, Budda, and so many others. They inspired, they contributed by doing their own widening. I don’t see in them that kind of emotional thrust that pushes someone to persuade. They worked for their purpose, responding to the Calling, and they discussed about these things only to those who came and asked by themselves! I strongly believe they didn’t give a shit about whether their earthly name would remain in history or not. Because they knew.

In order to have clarity and act efficiently, we need to be “apathetic” in front of both pain and excitement. Not denying them! Not compressing them when we feel them! (You know what I mean)But to be able to not be attached to them. Because, that’s how (while embracing them and observe them)we 'll alchemize them into something elevating. Otherwise, we stay in the matrix, instead of seeing it from beyond and help.

So, congratulations for being apathetic, Joseph. Seriously.

Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

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