I think you see in the same way mentalities that are not the same. Those who believe in a god as an external divided entity, somewhere up there, who created Adam and Eve(!), don’t have the same viewpoint with those who talk about many levels of consciousness and divine essence that co-exists with our human, material part. Noetic action isn’t the same thing with imagination and illusion. I said “noetic”, not the action of the brain and the mind that takes info from the outside world and gives an explanation based on beliefs, memories, repulsed desires, childhood experiences etc.

Science can be just what you say, but it also may be the route through which humanity can touch its divine potential. They are not enemies, unless you think of “ the divine” as a white-beard man up there…

The reality that science proves is not incompatible with the reality one finds when walks the path of searching for proof through the widening of consciousness. They end up to the same thing.

My friend Patrick, the logic is not incompatible with divine existence. What makes them incompatible is the fact that many people think of God as a person, as someone up there who decides for us. And It is not that stupid “thing”. The mind can be easily cheated, yes, I agree. But the Nous is not the same thing.

I enjoyed the piece!

Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

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