I responded the same thing to Patrick:

With the title I’m referring to the field where many conflicts are happening. While writing this, I felt I write for the simple people there that have nothing to do with Hamas, or Fatah, or…!I still don’t see where in the poem I take one or the other side. Really. Seriously. Help me, because I may not see at the moment. My intention was not that. “the pain” of the poem(and me, the poet), was really about every simple civilian who dies from this conflict.

And now, adding more:

About the photo, I didn’t take to much time to find it, ‘cause I just wanted something that reflects “war", “conflict", etc.

I’m thinking now that the title could have been “war", for example, or something with “Middle East". It was more of a geographical choice! I admit I didn’t think about the title. I just wrote where many conflicts take place!

Seriously, my point was to say what I feel about innocent civilians who suffer from wars, no matter where they live. I don’t know. I didn’t put too much thinking on the title. I think it was more of a stupid moment that led to the opposite of what I wanted to express. It looks like I took one side. But, I don’t think the poem does this.

Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

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