How Many “How To” Can You Stand On Your Shoulders?

Too many “how to” guides, usually lead to no action steps.

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For the last decade, there is an unstoppable big storm of “how-to” over our heads. It’s like a gigantic sphere of “how-to” material exploded high in the sky, and we still have pieces of it coming down. People are waiting — like the little bird waiting with the mouth open its food to be brought by its mother- the next BIG solution of their problem to come through a new great article/post/book/e book/video.
It’s like people can’t live without external directions.

Don’t we know how to live in a self-determining way?

“How to write”, “how to become rich”, “how to become famous”, “how to be in a relationship”, “how to be happy”, “how to cook”, “how to succeed”, “how to be a parent”, “how to blog”, “how to become a leader”, “how to find inner peace”… God! Haven’t we drown yet?

I feel like it’s time for a “how to get rid of the how-to guides” guide! Or, at least, how to handle them.

The problem

I know what you think. “Is it so bad to look for information, to enrich our knowledge about something we want to do”? This isn’t exactly the thing here. The problem is not in the action (of taking the information) itself, but in how much we count on an external source in order for us to act. Furthermore, I wonder:

How much of our energy goes to “how-to” stuff compared to the energy that goes to real action?

Most of the people do more of reading and searching and less of actually doing. You know why? Because they don’t believe in themselves. They wait to take courage from the story of somebody else who made it in the sector of their interest because they are not sure they themselves can make it.

What is your past telling you?

If you pay attention, you‘ll see that there were times in your life, when you did something with determination. This action didn’t necessarily come after you‘ve read the 224th article of how another person made it in the same sector. Your action didn’t come because of that. It came because you felt you could. It came because you believed in yourself. Maybe you‘ve done research and you trained yourself or you gave it a thought before moving to action. But that wasn’t the reason for your move. The reason — above all — came from within.

Just flow

If you believe you can, you will research, then you will be trained, you will start doing and you will try to improve your skills during your action. It is as simple as that. But when you just search and read, and read again, and watch videos and do eternal circles without actually doing something, then all the “how-to” stuff or others’ “how I made it” stories in the world won’t be ever enough.

Find where you want to stand between the two action poles

Two of the great ancient Greek quotes are “metron ariston” and “miden agan”. Both of these quotes say somehow that the perfect attitude in everything is to behave with moderation and do nothing extravagant. If you think about it, extravagant isn’t just “too much”, but also “nothing”.

When it comes to “how-to” guides (and action as well), find the point you want to stand, somewhere between.

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