“gifted with each letter” of dialects and languages, within which many messages are enclosed. When we die as names/persons/organisms/ …flowers, do the invisible meanings we “catched” while living die? The brain ends, but the mind and the “being able to think and perceive” is eternal.

The flower dies, but the idea of being a flower stays.

The brain dies, but the idea of thinking does not. Because the brain is just the tool, the organ that the Nous uses. And they have the mind as an “intermediate”. But the mind reaches the Nous as it widens and widens its range in every cycle. So, they are one, but we always have to “break” meanings into pieces in order to understand.

So, is it noesis one “catches” when …looking ahead? I don’t know. This is just my viewpoint… For now. I may transform my opinion as the journey goes on(not by going backwards or by narrowing it. It can’t happen anymore, ‘cause I have proof). Because everything flows continuously. And the eternal is only what can move itself without needing an external “motor”/factor. My brain isn’t eternal. “My” noesis and my soul are.

As I do very often, I declare again that I just expose my viewpoint for meaningful interactions, not for preaching. I don’t have the right and the desire to persuade anyone. Because the journey of each one is unique. And the only “right” conclusions, are the ones each of us perceives by himself/herself, at the suitable moment for them.

We contribute to each other’s journey ONLY by doing our work for our own expansion. Not by teaching. So, as you know, I don’t preach. I share and exchange when I sense there is a meaning within the sharing.

: )

Thank you for another honouring poem, Patrick.

Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

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