Be Yourself

Even if it doesn’t seem fashionable…

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We live in a time when the phrase “Be yourself” is famous. Printed on T-shirts, heard as the absolute quote, and published on social media. And yet, now, the world has too many human “photocopies”.

Some of the factors that contribute to this phenomenon are the over-promotion (by the media) of people who have only specific things to offer, the guidance on what is the ideal way to self-advertising, the deification of the image-making factor, the characterization of successful persons as idols, and the simultaneous lack of “supplies” given to young people for discovering their identity.

Why do people choose so easily

not to be themselves?

Surely, being ourselves is more difficult than imitating others. The path to self-awareness requires responsibility, work, continuous self-observation, and a willingness to pay the price. And of course, it demands resistance to all those external phenomena, stimuli, etc. that are designed to deter the individual from finding “who he/she really is”. Most people cannot find the strength to resist. But, is the easiest choice the one that really benefits us most?

People want to advertise, for example, their profession and spread what they offer. So far, so good. Then, they imitate every move of famous (in any sense) personalities. I am not saying that we must discredit every successful person who is promoted and may have lessons or good ideas, but why deifying anyone whose name is everywhere or has 100.000 followers, etc, and copy their movements mechanically, hoping that this is the path to success? That’s their path of success, not everyone’s!

What can be done, then?

Discover your own uniqueness, see clearly where it lies and display that, even if different, strange, or peculiar to one’s eyes. Being “fashionable” and doing what the majority does without a personal criterion, could make you gain something. But it will be temporary. And it won’t be yours. The courage of “I know who I am and I don’t lose my identity”, is a great asset.

In order for you to understand what “messages” you give to others and whether these messages are consistent with who you are, you must first know them.

So, answer. Who are you?

1.If you completed a personality test, what would the results be? What would the test say about you?

2.Write down a list of at least five of your strengths/talents/skills and three disadvantages.

3.What are the five key things someone who knows you well would say about you?

4.What is the most important thing for you about each of the eight essential areas of life (career, family/relationships/love life, health, finances, spirituality, personal development, leisure, environment in which you live)?

5.According to which values of yours do you decide on these areas?

6.If you had to answer spontaneously, which would you say is your purpose in life? What are you “made for”? To what extent do your behaviors reflect this purpose?

7.Which of your current roles do you feel are perfectly in tune with who you are?

8.What are some things you would never do because they don’t fit into your personal system of values?

And above all,

ask the voice inside you (not that unstoppable voice of the mind that is bombarding you with thoughts all day long, which are often not even actually yours — but the other, the whole voice, the whole feeling of the “Inside you”): “What am I doing right now? Does it fit in with me? Is it me?

Whenever you want to post something on social media, think first if it fits into this “Me”. And only if the answer is “yes” and not “because it sells”, “because this will get more likes”, “because this is what everybody does,” “because this is what people want”, “ because that’s fashionable”. If what you are, coincides with something like that, then it’s okay. If not, don’t betray yourself. Don’t become someone else. Become “you”. And stay “you”.

After all, you see it with the photocopies you extract from a document that you need to multiply. You are not going to see anything new and different from the original document. Photocopies are never surprising, they are not original, they do not make a difference in one’s life. But your authentic self can do that, with a positive impact on you and others.

Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

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