Anthropomorphic Robots

We can either use them or let them use us

Sophia, the robot, with her shockingly close to human form, speaks, “thinks”, interacts with others, and sometimes smiles. Okay, it does have a few moments of “just waking up in the hospital after anesthesia”, with the look blurred, but this doesn’t diminish the rest of it. So, the time has come for mankind to copy itself and its success (?) raises important questions and bifurcates.

The creation of anthropomorphic robots is another development that -for many people- is a threat to both the working sector and the human species in general. If there is a cleaning robot, a robot secretary, a robot behind the counter of the bank, etc., then what about those who held those positions until then? Will machines displace human beings from the professional field? And if everything is done by robots, will we lose communication and contact with our species over time? Will they disappear us in the end? Will they dominate us? And what if they start to replace us in other areas, too?

Having sex with a robot

Multinational public opinion research firm “YouGov”, conducts researches into whether to have sex with a robot or not. It turned out that the people who responded affirmatively were not as few as you might think. Of course, there is one condition they set: the feeling during sex to be as close as possible to one’s intercourse. Other than that, they have no particular difficulty. Indeed, many have stated that they do not necessarily need the robot to have a human appearance.

Although I am not a Luddite, I admit that I feel a tad overwhelmed by the implications of technological evolution in general and the existence of robots that will gradually (yes, it will happen) not stand out from humans. I do not condemn their creation. I’m not saying that evolution should stop. I’m not exactly afraid of the creatures of rapid technological leaps.

One thing that worries me is


Unfortunately, what’s happening so far has been a precursor to the disastrous continuity. Exaggeration, misuse, mal-usage surely will occur.

For instance

Let me give you an example of what I’m thinking about. Suppose that Sophia will become a personal assistant to -let’s say- Peter, reminding him of appointments, preparing presentations, finding data, etc., or do Martha’s housework. It has utility and this utility is within reasonable limits.

But if Peter — not having the courage to dive into himself, to understand how he relates, to watch honestly what happens between him and his partners, to discover how they can both co-evolve, etc. — becomes a couple with Sophia the robot, then — when Sophia breaks down or comes up in a new version — he just replaces her (replaces it, to be exact), then the issue falls into another context. Of course, I know what Peter is going to say … “I prefer the robot because if I don’t want to discuss it, if it grumbles, if I get bored listening to it etc., I turn it off and I‘m OK. Furthermore, the robot has no mother, so neither do I have a mother-in-law! Do I want sex? She is ready. I do not want? I turn off my Sophie and I’ll see her tomorrow”.

If Martha does not dare to try to understand herself and others, if she feels that she is having trouble with her friendships, if she doesn’t want to get too tired of human relations, she will make Sofia a robot friend and everything is OK. Smooth sailing again.

So, everything is easy and convenient, without effort about self-evolution and, by extension, without mankind’s evolution.

The key-factor

I have a knife in my kitchen that cuts very well. When I want to make lettuce salad, I choose this from the drawer. Likewise, when it comes to eating a steak. With the same knife, I can cut my neighbor into cubes. If I do so, can anyone say “making knives is bad”? No.

The way of usage is the determining factor. It’s my choice that makes the difference.

Well, when it comes to humanoid robots, I’m afraid that we’ll probably cut the neighbor instead of the salad.

Anthi Psomiadou — CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International : Credit must be given to the creator/ Only noncommercial uses of the work are permitted/ No derivatives

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