A Band Of Gypsies

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

They come, they stand among the tables of the coffee shop,
and they start singing.
Barefoot, free.
Some people are staring at them as if they were
creatures of lower value.
I just look at them
and myself
and those who look at them.
And — damn! — I know that we are all of the same substance.
There is nothing that makes us superior or inferior to others.
We just stand on a different point of the expansion’s route.
But the full expansion won’t be accomplished unless we all see
the illusion of dichotomy as it is; an illusion.

The core… The core is all that matters. And the core is One.

Anthi Psomiadou — CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International : Credit must be given to the creator/ Only noncommercial uses of the work are permitted/ No derivatives

Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

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