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Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

Three dots can say it all…

Three dots.
A full stop that doesn’t want to be alone.
An ending that continues.
A declaration of an omission; an omission which reverses itself, if decoded by the reader.
A manifestation of cowardice on its one “edge”, but the absolute courage on its other.
Unclear communication on the one side of the coin, pure intercommunication on the other.

A lack-of-words so “wordy”, that includes the completeness of non-lacking.

A mark so liberated and liberating, that gives the absolute freedom to the receivers of the message to interpret it as they please. …

Weekend’s prompt: inner situation=>outer projection

Lion, lion,
Where are you?
Will you come
out of the blue?

If I kill you,
would this mean
I’m a monster, too

Was your figure
in written formed
just for secrets
to be unexposed?

I am ready
to confront
all the symbols
you enclose.

You exist
for me to see
that my fear
is unreal.

You appear
for me to know
how much
I can “grow”.

When a fear
I project,
there you are
with teeth prepared.

I’m not here
to be eaten,
unless by terror
I’ll be bitten.

Oh, you, big and wild cat, you’re a kind…

A dream

There you are, embraced by my legs,
sitting on a bed that hosted our mystical commingling
a few now-s ago.

My body is lying down, but my perception level is lifted.

Looking at each other, interacting effortlessly
within an atmosphere so electrified
that the air is already vibrating before I inhale it.

I feel your hands at my lower back,
becoming aware of the rejuvenating processes my skin experiences
as a reaction to your touch.

I can sense an invisible euphoria-dust swirling next to my ears.
The pillow is wet; hydrated by Ero’s sweat.

I look at you as you…

A part of us

They come, they stand among the tables of the coffee shop,
and they start singing.
Barefoot, free.
Some people are staring at them as if they were
creatures of lower value.
I just look at them
and myself
and those who look at them.
And — damn! — I know that we are all of the same substance.
There is nothing that makes us superior or inferior to others.
We just stand on a different point of the expansion’s route.
But the full expansion won’t be accomplished unless we all see
the illusion of dichotomy as it is; an illusion.

Or, is it nonsense of a poet? Who knows…?

You weren’t here before “me”,
although it seems like this.
For you to be perceived, dear earthly world,
the subject that/”who” perceives had to be present before.
Not the body, of course, it’s formed and evaporates
inside my mind;
this visual limit helps the uncovering of what’s “behind”.
Awareness itself exists before everything,
otherwise, nothing could be the object of it.
So, I create you in me, world, and I project you every second;
continuously unfolding the context in which I “walk”. …

From A to A, and vice versa

I share an image with you by sending it noetically,
and then I see it landing in your mind,
like a butterfly that found a suitable place to rest.

Your eyes are closing a bit,
as you detect the subtly arrived message.
An invisible screen is opened in your mind.

The image is very simple, like all the beautiful things; we are sitting on a bench, alternating talking with pauses. Mostly, silencing the surrounding noise, letting motionless action electrify the atmosphere. Everyone around is in and also out of the scene, simultaneously. Forty minutes later, we stand up in a…

Restoring, by choosing consciously how to store

I detected the event within the virtual space
of my conscience.
I had put it in a place where all my experiences
of disturbance are gathered.

Eyes closed. Reliving it, sensing what’s happening in me.
I move it from there, taking it in many directions;
testing to see where it fits best for the self (I perceive) I am now.
It ended up where I store all the things I find funny.
I observe again how I react to this.
It doesn’t disturb me anymore.
It found its position.

Eyes open.
I laugh.

If only I could do it effectively…

Let’s play and laugh

Yeah, we say that one of the most important things in life
is to understand, know, and accept ourselves, to be autonomous,
not to be attached to the opinions of others,
to be independent of what others think and say about us.
But you took it too seriously.
It seems that no one else but you understands completely how you work.

Tell me, dear Medium algorithm, do you over-smoke weed?

I won’t submit it to any of the publications I contribute to, because — obviously — it is one of my masterpieces, and I don’t want them to fight over…

It often becomes arrogance

Are you tiny when you’re alone?
Do you shorten and shrivel your figure
when you close the door and keep the world outside?
I bet that you do.
Otherwise, you couldn’t fit in your microcosm.
But why do you show an inflated self when you are among others?
Why do you need to magnify your image?
Maybe it’s exactly because you shrink it (in your mind)
when you’re alone.

Does real self-confidence need to “scream” all the time to prove itself? No. Does healthy self-esteem push someone to constantly correct others? No. Does real self-efficacy prove itself by devaluing the…

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