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Writing, Life Coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

Three dots can say it all…

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Three dots.
A full stop that doesn’t want to be alone.
An ending that continues.
A declaration of an omission; an omission which reverses itself, if decoded by the reader.
A manifestation of cowardice on its one “edge”, but the absolute courage on its other.
Unclear communication on the one side of the coin, pure intercommunication on the other.

A lack-of-words so “wordy”, that includes the completeness of non-lacking.

A mark so liberated and liberating, that gives the absolute freedom to the receivers of the message to interpret it as they please. …

Weekend’s prompt: inner situation=>outer projection

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Lion, lion,
Where are you?
Will you come
out of the blue?

If I kill you,
would this mean
I’m a monster, too

Was your figure
in written formed
just for secrets
to be unexposed?

I am ready
to confront
all the symbols
you enclose.

You exist
for me to see
that my fear
is unreal.

You appear
for me to know
how much
I can “grow”.

When a fear
I project,
there you are
with teeth prepared.

I’m not here
to be eaten,
unless by terror
I’ll be bitten.

Oh, you,
big and wild cat,
you’re a kind of

We just share and exchange information and viewpoints

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

No one teaches anyone anything;
we just share information.
Whether this will become knowledge or not,
it’s up to the other person.
No one ever conquers something
on behalf of another.
It’s impossible; knowledge is self-excavated,
realized through inner experience.
So, we can flatter ourselves
as much as we want.
The truth is that we just share and contribute;
nothing more.

Dedicated to those who believe that they can teach enlightenment; that they can make others know themSelves, or instill wisdom in them!
Even in schools, training labs, courses for adults, Universities, and jobs, whether we are in the position of…

All the knowledge we need, has already been written

Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

Wider consciences always had to imply, not say;
encrypted messaging was the only safe way.
Because Knowledge can be misused and then destroy
those that are not ready to manage its glory.
Those who were ready enough could detect
everything that was hidden underneath a seen text.
Some others also suspected and intuitively captured
the …gold inside a bronze or a wooden statue.
This wasn’t discrimination or an act of superiority,
but protection of/from the not-yet-mature majority.
It was the respect born by the wise Noetic energy
that never pushes anyone to a forced widening.
Because this expansion would not be authentic;
the apple has to fall by itself from the tree.
The texts…

Photo by Clayton Cardinalli on Unsplash

Within an unpleasant condition,
time seems to go by slowly; it lasts.
Within a beautiful situation,
we say we didn’t realize so many hours passed.
What is that condition we call “time”, then,
my fellow humans?
Is it plasticine we form egocentrically
to fit us?

When an inner flicker momentarily
shines within the conscience,
we say that time stopped;
it changed its pattern again(?).
Does it really move according to
our mood?
Or our subjective lens needs this
to go through
the difficulty of accepting things
as they are
and face now as the only time
we have?


Avoided like a minefield

Photo by Juli Kosolapova on Unsplash

Undiscovered motives rule the inner microcosms.
Automation puts the unconscious on kings’ thrones.
Uprooting the parasitic weeds of memory’s library
has a cost that most people are afraid to pay.
Future desires and dreams are drawn in the mind
by the skill of remembering things from back in time.
Pirouetting around the same events’ database,
masquerading them with different clothes and names.
Repressed and misunderstood yesterday’s material
gives birth to a non-authentic boost for action plans.
Running within a glass ball, swirling in the Matrix,
while free life and clarity fly only outside of it.
Having desires is the easiest thing in the world.
Dreaming is a piece of cake for everyone on…

Through “luggage”drop-off

Photo by Shlomi Platzman on Unsplash

I was running on giant mushrooms the other day, trying to avoid stepping on the ground. Being grounded is useful and necessary, but it’s not enough.
Also, if you misuse it or you …overdo it, you forget how to fly. You even dis-remember the fact that you can fly. The skill enters atrophy, like an inactive muscle.

My wings are invisible. I discovered them fifteen years ago when I created a pair of artificial ones, like Icarus. When I tried to glue them on my latissimus dorsi muscle, a red sign started to flicker: “the position is already taken”.
You can…

≋ ≋ ≋ ≋ ≋ ≋ ≋ ≋ ≋ ≋ ≋ ≋ ≋ ≋ ≋

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

I want to dive into your ocean, Self.
I’ve seen I’m impenetrable in there.
Neither “dragged”
nor “dragging”.

Humans are disappointed by humans.
Again and again.
All the time.
Humans are disappointed by themselves.
They mourn.
They cry.

People usually call you “unfair”, Life.
You keep rolling.
You know.
People think you owe them something.
You don’t.
They just don’t grow.

Humans need the idea of a god, Conscience.
Different names.
Same thing.
It has to be like this; you know the reason…
To get rid of…

Within a conscious mind-game

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

When I’m tired of all the words,
I go where all the meanings are flying.
It is outside of this noisy globe;
no laughing there, no crying.

The eydaemonic just being
pulsates inside my lungs.
The particles in me
wake up by the familiar.

My conscience is melted,
becoming one again
with the great purpose
that makes everything not-in-vain.

Moving around playfully,
swirling among the spheres.
Exchange of kin-aesthetic signals;
the not-knowing disappears.

I reach the Overlord then with respect,
not being afraid of Its burning core.
“Hello Sun, I’ll dive in you
to renew my flame once more".


Just see the whole picture, and stand beyond

Photo by Swapnil Potdar on Unsplash

As long as my soul is in this vessel,
physiology cannot be independent
from what happens within me;
knowing that, I have clarity.
If endorphins were produced all the time,
my organism would be dead-end-like.
No balance, no equilibrium,
just an exhausting excitement delirium.
Enkephalins are not liked by humans
because they help to sense the unpleasant.
The wise Nature within us knows
that if the pendulum stayed to the one pole,
we would lose our minds by the extreme enthusiasm,
or die by depression, not handling the other side.
So, when whole movements prompt people
to try all the time for making a pivot,
compulsively running away from pain
before observing what it has to…

Anthi Psomiadou

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